Wayward & Wild: Excerpt from the upcoming biography of Miss Jean Louis

5. srpna 2016 v 15:24 | Meriana |  Zápisníček
Early twenties and How she met Misha Collins

Nowadays, young twentysomethings are considered many things. Careless. Lost generation. Ingenious. Hipsters.

Miss Jean Louis could be one just like them. Oh boy, did she have a great start right after she finished high school! Going to a college, with that blonde head full of ideals and ideas, wearing short floral dresses and taking Mrs Dalloway everywhere with her.

It was about that time her ideals started to fall down due to several relationships failures, bad college grades and general disappointment in life, when she first met him. He appeard to be an angel (probably an actual Angel of The Lord, the One who can raise you from perdition). Obviously, I mean Misha Collins, the puppy-eyed actor and future emperor of the world.

Collins was giving a speech about searching for special unicorns among people and Miss Jean Louis was amazed, as he continued about charity and random acts of kindness.

"I got hooked on his vision immediately," says Miss, "I was convinced that this man, this man would change everything and that he could become my spiritual leader!"

This dream wasn´t particulary wrong, but it did turn out in the unexpected way. As we already know, Misha did change many things and human lives, but it wasn´t Miss Jean Louis who needed him. Misha needed her. If it wasn´t for her excellent manipulative skills, the GISHWHES would have never been able to start.



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